Shirtz-- Product Landing Page *FeedBack Please*

Hi Everyone,

I would like to have some feedback on my product landing page please.

Very professional looking. Keep up the good work.

@brandon_wallace is right.
It really does look preety neat and smooth. Design too is catchy. Nice one.

With your internal page linking, I suggest using smooth scrolling on an html element.

Your video has a slight gap between the bottom of the video and the bottom of the section it sits on. This creates a thin strip of color between the video and the whitebackground of the next section.

The JS implementation on your sticky header is interesting, but the sudden color change of the background and the button is a little odd. In my opinion I would just make the green background and red button the default.

Overall very clean and professional design. Really like the look of the site.

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Very nice but when i resized the the browser or set it to the mobile view the navigation bar overlaps your background image. Try to add a burger menu when it’s in mobile view. When i hover to a button my cursor remains normal, I suggest that u change it to pointer. You have a background color gray with text on it. Add transparency to it using rgba().

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate it.