Shopping cart final step

I am building a website and I am close to finishing it but I am stuck in the final step of the shopping cart. I have everything else done, but I am stuck because I am not sure what is the code or the procedure to create the final form (with personal info of the buyer), in this case it wouldn’t be credit card information, but information about where they live and their name. It is an online shop, but they have a “headquarters”, and the form would have living information on it (where they live) and not credit card info, so that when you have all the items you want to buy in the shopping cart, you would click the buy button and just fill out the information as mentioned before, and the only thing the company has to do is go to wherever you live and deliver what they bought.
Can anyone help me and might guide me through the necessary commands (code) to do what is needed.
I would appreciate it.

I’m a bit confused here. So you’ve built the whole e-commerce site, but you don’t know how to create a form and populate it with data? Or am I missing something?

The problem I am having is the last step, which is paying for the items that are in the shopping cart(shopping cart has already been created) it’s the paying form which I don’t know.

Maybe you’re looking for something like Stripe?

Yes, maybe! I’ll check it out, thanks for the info.

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