Short bootstrap link

Hey all

Quick questions, is there a shorten version to add bootcamp to a website other than //

this reminds me of the old html doc types that i could never remember…

do people actually remember this link?

I don’t remember it. If you need it, just search for “Bootstrap CDN” and click the first search result.

It’s not something you have to remember. There are various ways to include the library so it’s not a set thing. The shortest link you could get is ./bootstrap.min.css if you have the file in your project folder.

You can bookmark BootstrapCDN so you know where to go.

A funny little story: During that time when codepen had Bootstrap v4 in its Quick-add and not v3, many campers asked why Bootstrap won’t work on their projects. I had to refer them to that link (for the latest version 3) a lot of times, so I ended up remembering it :upside_down_face:
happy now? :smiley: