Short but sweet ..TechDocPage (with some colour)

Learning a lot along the way but I want to get to the JS stuff.

Hello, Lazuli.

It is a Technical Documentation page, so I do not expect much style, but the page is too bare for my liking.

Also, it is difficult to use on mobile view, considering the navbar does not stay fixed at the top. I would not want it fixed at the top, though, if it is not collapsable.

Otherwise, it is very well dimensioned. Keep it up.


Yes I am thinking of polishing all the projects I have done. Adding some colour, shadows, fixing the mobile views etc. to be complete for the profile page. But at this moment I am not sure about coding as the way forward for me. It feels like I will just be sitting starring at the screen trying to fix some complicated problems and it never ends. I am racing just to get started with JS but I don’t think that’s the solution , I suppose it would be best to do a thorough job rather than just getting past the challenges. Thanks for your input though I will try and fix it up.

Not bad. I don’t think docs pages should have too much style going on anyway. But you can always fancy it up a bit more if you want to.

  1. Try using white-space: pre-line for the code.

  2. Maybe look into implementing some syntax highlighting

Good job.


Thanks I decided to use prism,js (funky theme).

What do you think after the update?

It looks well done. I am glad you used the syntax highlighting for the code sections.

I would still suggest changing the mobile navbar to one that is fixed at the top, and is expandable.