Short in memory while compiling the client

I am new to contributions and trying to contribute to my fav website here. I went through the docs on how to build locally and tried it. It was success, but I have a 6Gig memory system and whenever I try to build the client by “pnpm run develop:client” after 2 mins my machine hangs and restart itself.

I tried researching on my own and found out that my memory is running out each time I build the client. I tried limiting the amount of memory to a node by setting “–max-old-space-size=2096” but after 2 mins it throws an error saying out of memory allocated.

I would appreciate some help,

The minimum system requirement says 8 GB RAM in the docs.

Limiting the RAM for the process won’t really help if it needs more than you are giving it. You can try increasing your page/swap file (and remove the RAM limit) and see if that works (it will be slow if it does).

Did you look into using Gitpod? For systems with hardware limitations, it is a better option.

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Limited the ram usage of “develop” command in client to 2096, closed all the apps and software just hardware monitor and 2 terminals side to side for client and server respectively.

The results are, it ran! but

With this amount of ram usage their is not much I can do, but still it ran and I am trying to understand the codebase and getting more familiar with this. For now it is working but if in future it gives me error then I will try your suggestion of gitpod.

Thanks for help,

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