Should all web page challenges be responsive?

Is there an implicit expectation that, unless obviously not practical, all challenges that require a web page should result in a responsive web page?

I did it without being responsive, that’s because my mind haven’t wrapped around the concept of needing to that. After doing the API stuff, I am more in tune to checking the result on my phone as well.

I am guessing you’ll build up to that point where you will be making responsive sites.

Free code camp users come from various levels of coding experience. When I did those first few challenges, I didn’t know anything about responsive web design. Any expectation needs to be explicit or some people won’t get it (like me…)- but making the pages responsive would certainly be valuable learning experience and worth doing.

Right now - no. If you head over to, you will see that the future challenges teach responsive design, and it is a required condition to the tribute page projects on up… So you might as well learn to do it now :slight_smile:

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I haven’t started looking through the beta projects yet, but if they are making the expectations for the projects more specific and clear, that’s great.

It is, and they also are introducing a lot more material before throwing you into the Tribute Page so, :thumbsup: from me!