Should dig more in JavaScript or learn React?

I have completed Andrew Mead’s Modern JavaScript Bootcamp course. I understand everything conceptually and done almost 80% of challenges on my own. I am tempted to start to React course right away, what are your thoughts? Should I start learning React now or build one or two apps with JavaScript first?

2 hours and still no reply, and funny how people says this is very supportive community. very sad.

I can’t help you with your questions but I would like to reply on your assumption that this community isn’t supportive.
A forum isn’t meant for instant reactions, you should find a chatbox if that is what you are looking for. A forum is meant to ask questions that can wait. People live in different time-zones and don’t always have time to keep checking a forum.

If you take a look around the forum you can see that every question is being answered. There is room for follow ups and people will continue to help until the question is resolved. However, it is expected to do a little bit of research yourself (which is never a bad thing).

Just to help you on your way I did a little Googling; since react is a JS framework it is feasible to have some understanding of JS itself. The second hit on my “Javascript or react” search gave me this result:

I guess the short answer is; if you feel confident in your vanilla JS skills then dig into react. If not, learn some more JS.

Good luck!


The problem is this is a very difficult question to answer. We have no idea of knowing what you “know” really? When you say 80% of the challenges on your own, are you referring to the FCC challenges? If so, what are the 20% you have not done on your own?

If you think you are ready for React, then start the FCC React challenges. If you have difficulty working through them because you have forgotten some basic JavaScript, then you might not be ready yet. Again, you will ultimately be the judge if you are ready or not.