Should I allow my manager to manage my career?

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Hi folks,

Hope all working well on their code :slight_smile:

So I am in tragic situation and need you help.

This morning, I came to know that other department of my work place is after C# developer and my manager knew that I have done some work in past. Even though He straight denied for me with out my knowledge and now I show advertisement on internal site . Should I allow my manager to choose my career decisions ?

I really wanted to do that project. It will give me more opportunity in future.

How can i appropriately manage to sort this out please ?


Unfortunately in most companies, they will not allow an employee to move to another department without their current manager’s approval.

Having said that, maybe that is not the case in your company? You should talk to Human Resources to see what is the policy. The other thing is you should be careful to not burn bridges such as by alienating your current manager in order to go to another dept. You may not enjoy the new job and may need his reference for an outside job for eg.

Finally, I would suggest you set up a meeting with your manager and discuss your career goals. You may convince him, if you are wise with your words (being careful not to lay blame), that it is best to let you go to the other job.