Should I apply for jobs before finishing my studies?

Hello everybody, I am in my last year of informatic engeneering studies and I’ve been wondering if its time to start sending my CV to companies, and one other question, how easy is to get a job on stackoverflow jobs section, I am from El Salvador and living in Spain, but my dream is to work outside Spain and i really dont want to go back to my country, often i see jobs on stackoverflow that offer visa and relocation, as a fresh graduated do i qualify for those jobs? I have some projects from university and personals in my github, i am developing an app with ionic, and have “profesional” experience as I have been an intern for a company for about 3 years now working with angularjs, cordova, and creating rest api with PHP

Yes, apply as soon as possible.

You should apply now.


I have no idea. I’ve never applied through that platform. I strongly urge you to see if your university or your department has career services with people who can help you with how/where to apply for jobs.

Possibly. Every job posting should have its required experience. If they list 0-3 years (roughly) as the required experience, go for it.

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