Should I be doing more for my Tribute Page?

This is my first attempt at the project, it passes all tests. I want to know if I should be investing time into making this look pretty, or focus on getting my foundation down and working on a variety of projects rather than overreach for aesthetics?

Any feedback will be appreciated!

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Hey Matthew,

I believe you should push yourself to your limits. These projects are easy to pass, but you earn lots of skills out of FCC when you research for certain things.

So, I suggest you push your limits as far as you can. Besides, I am sure that you would love to have great projects to show everyone, which requires some practice and dedication.


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Thank you Yigit, I think I’m going to move on to the survey form and keep returning to improve my projects as I learn new skills. I am certainly researching more information and not relying on fCC entirely.

Appreciate the input,

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well i agree with Yigit, he has said everything. anyways am i the only one excited about the Lockdown conference or what?

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I’m couting hours too. :slight_smile:

After further tinkering and playing around I’ve ended up here:

I’m happy where this is for now. Thanks for the push

Your page looks good @matthew.rawlings6. Couple of things to revisit;

Thank you for the feedback Roma! I noticed the test failed after I changed my image-width from auto to 400px to adjust the size. I’ll be sure to change it back.

Also which words to link for accessibility was bugging me and I couldn’t find the damn reference! Thanks again, appreciate it

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