Should I consider solutions from `Get a hint` as Best Practices?

Hi Campers.

I’m on the Basic Algorithm Scripting section right now. And I’m feeling pretty comfortable solving the challenges using my knowledge, MDN and W3 pages.

What I do care about, usually my solutions are different from the one in the Get a hint section. My solutions sometimes are a bit more complicated, sometimes they are even easier coded than the one from that section.

So, the questions is:

Should I consider the solutions from the Get a hint section as the best one and I should learn how to think in order to reach the goal in similar way, or it’s OKAY that my solutions differs from it?

it is ok that your solution differ, even, it is even better if you can think of a few different ways of solving the algorithms

no, you don’t need to consider the solution best practices

what best practice is depends on who you ask to, on who you are working with, and many other things


No, they are just possible solutions. You should be aware that certain things in the language have been added in the years since some of the hints were written. That means that, for a small number of the hints, there are now better APIs available. In one specific case – alphabetically ordering an array of strings – the solution given in the hint will not work in certain browsers (in late 2018, changes were made to the sort algorithm used by Chrome, which broke the method used in the hint).

Note that outdated hints are being updated, but getting new versions of the platform out with fixes is a complicated and time-consuming task, so unfortunately those fixes take a long time to go live.