Should I delete ugly projects from Github?

Hi folks. I’ve been hacking away at a Spring Boot project for a while. I can’t seem to retain all the details about how such applications go together… it’s a slow, slow process. Because of this, my push comments are probably just totally wrong and it would also reveal I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I began!

I’m about to start polishing it off and add a UI. SHould I delete the whole thing to hide my push comments - then re-upload and show off a much more sensible push history?

Or leave it be?
Honestly, I still don’t really know what push comments are supposed to be other than… what was changed and with plenty of detail.

Don’t waste your time on polishing old stuff, nobody cares about old push commits.
Do it in a correct manner from now on.


why not just make it private.

who knows when you need your old code right?

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Well this project is definitely going to be one I can present as having knowledge in the web services area.
Besides I’m not paying GitHub right now :wink:

Everyone gets private repos now! :smiley:

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The whole point of git history is that you can track all your changes since the beginning of the project. “Cleaning up” old commits breaks that history. And in any case, no-one evaluating the quality of your code is going to bother looking through the entire history of a project.

If the whole project is a write-off, then maybe you’d want to make it private or delete it. Even then, I wouldn’t worry too much — no hiring manager will look past the pinned projects on your GitHub user page.

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Very nice. I really appreciate all the kind and detailed feedback on my questions. Thanks to all!