Should I display all my projects at the same time to earn my cert?

I’m almost finishing Responsive Web Design.

Should I display all my projects at the same time to claim my certification?

I’ve been submitting my projects one by one but of course, I can keep only one at a time on my hosting provider.
So any idea how it works?

Hi @Sandorfix !

Most people will use codepen to display each project and upload it to freeCodeCamp.
You could also choose to use other options like replit, GitHub pages, or codesandbox.

All of those options are free will hold multiple projects that you can submit to freeCodeCamp.

I would suggest using one of the options I outlined above because you will have to have all 5 projects visible on your account to be able to claim your certificate.

Hope that helps!

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Cool ! I get it now.

Oh ! I noticed the codepen project feature is not free.
Or the pens are enough to display my 5 FCC projects?

codepen has a free option.

make sure you are using pens and not projects.

You are only allowed one project and unlimited pens with the free version.

hope that clarifies

yes, that is fine.

For these early projects, most people won’t’ need multiple files so pens are the perfect option.

if you have multiple files, then you will need to use another free option like replit, or codesandbox.

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