Should I do the certification projects on freeCodeCamp with a lot of effort?

Hey! I’m a kid wondering if I have to make the certification projects beautiful?
'Cos I’ve done the Product Landing Project, but if you see it you’d faint at how I did it.

It’s scattered over the whole screen.

I’m going through the certifications myself and I think part of it is to somewhat make it visually appealing. You get out what you put in with these types of things so I would deff try to make it somewhat visually appealing

If you submit a project that just passes the tests without any attention to how it looks visually, your project could be rejected as “low effort” if audited by staff, and you could lose your certification. If you are uncertain, you should post your project in the Project Feedback section and see what others think.

Would you want an employer to see the project and judge your skills as a developer? If not, you might want to put a little effort into the design.

To automatically pass the projects all you technically have to do is pass the user stories. But as this is a course on web design if a project has no attention to visual styling and gets audited by staff, the project could be rejected.

It doesn’t have to be cutting edge graphic design, but the projects should at least be visually functional and appealing. I.e. not hard to read or interact with by a hypothetical user. Not searing any eyeballs with multiple eye straining colours.

If you want to be a web designer, it’s worth putting the practice into the design aspect.