Should I finish an html index before styling it with CSS?

I was just curious about how to optimize my productivity and efficiency when coding.
What is recommended, to style your html index with CSS while still adding to the html?
To finish your html index, and then style it with CSS?

Thank you

I don’t know what you are coding either this lesson or if you have a side project.

But the most common way to start from scratch if you want to involve HTML and CSS is you need to have the design first.

It will give you the big picture of where to put elements and how to style them.

After you know what you want and how your design will be laid out, you can start coding your HTML and CSS.

Usually, you’ll start with the navbar or top of the website and then move to another design, such as body / main, aside, and footer, so it will turn out semantically placed on HTML. So you can code the navbar of HTML and move to the CSS to design it. Moving back and forth between HTML and CSS is usually what you’ll do.

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That’s cool.
I’ am still completing the web development certification and was just wondering about the process. I am really enjoying learning and creating web sites on a blank canvas essentially.
Thank you for your help!

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