Should I flesh out my projects before claiming certification?

Hi everyone, new to FCC and coding in general.
I just completed the Responsive Web Design section, including all lessons and projects. My projects pass all requirements, however they look terrible. I know I could spend some time and get them to look closer to the example projects, or to just look generally appealing. However I am more interested in spending time on my own projects, or moving forward in the curriculum.

My question is this: can I claim the certification based on projects that pass the requirements, but no human would look at and say “This looks nice”? Or do I need to flesh them out more?


  • Aidan

Hi @irona1dan !

Welcome to the forum!

The goal is not the recreate the example projects and have your projects looking exactly like theirs.
It is also important to know that most developers are not that great at design.
I think as long as you tried your best with the design and you learned a lot in the process I would keep moving for now.

You will build many more projects down the line as your skills progress.
There will be plenty of time to refine your skills and get your projects looking better.

The goal of these projects is to learn a lot, research and get better.
If you feel like you have done that, then you can move on.

Hope that helps!


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