Should I get an internship or wait a bit more?

Hi there,

I need your thoughts. Really!
I’m confused about getting a developer job. Let me explain briefly;
I worked a number of agency before as a Social Media Manager and Digital Marketing Executive. Then I moved to London and worked as a PPC Executive.
A friend of mine encouraged me and this year I started to study front-end development. I’ve got my Responsive Web Design Certificate and JavaScript is on the way.

My question is, while I am studying JavaScript (then JS libraries) I think I could get an internship programme and it makes me feel good. I can practise more, they could lead me, teach me and I could help them as well. If I wait a junior role it could takes a lot of time.

But my concern is, in London companies would be ok for that?
Or should I wait my JS certificate then apply Jr roles?
Which one should I do? :roll_eyes:

Thank you taking time for me.

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I think actual work experience probably trumps the FCC certificate, so I’d get the internship if I could. If there is an opportunity, seize it. You’ll never be completely ready for this job, so as soon as you are confident that you can work you should try to work

You’ll probably be exposed to more technology and coding practices as well.


Beyond the certificate what counts is the experience, more than any other certificate

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