Should I go to school online?

I want to attend school to study computer networking and security, but I’m having a hard time deciding which route to go with online classes.

My options are so:

WGU Tennessee: I hear they offer some of the best online courses for computer science, but I don’t think my scholarship, TN Reconnect, applies with them.

Union University: My scholarship DOES apply with them, but they have a $35 application fee, a $100 deposit fee, and getting all my transcripts together is probably going to cost $50 ~ $70, and I just lost my job and only have a little under two hundred dollars. They also cost $30,000 a year, and are a prestigious school with a good community.

Job Corps: I would have a lot less privacy and freedom there, and is notorious for having a rough crowd, and carries a bad reputation, if any, in the public eye. However, they offer computer networking training, and it’s free.

But then all of this got me thinking: Do I need to go to school to start a career in cybersecurity? What about robotics? Or just being a programmer?

I think as long as you have projects to show your skills and can pass the interview process you can get whatever job you want

Great Nimp, your thoughts are on the right track!!

But you have to still missed in some part.

You have to build your own website and application for spreading knowledge. Because third-party platforms not working more if you want some customization OR want more profit.

From cost of app development article. You can get all the information about what cost you may get for your school app.

I hope this will help you and ahead in career!!

Best of Luck!!