Should I learn ES5 or ES6?

I noticed that FCC uses ES5 but a lot of resources online use ES6. Should I be learning ES6 or ES5?

The new Beta site will teach both ES5 and ES6, and in the field you will need to be able to recognize both, I would learn both. ES6 mainly adds new features to the existing ES5, but there are so features like arrow functions which gives you a more concise way of creating functions.

That makes a lot of sense in regards to being able to recognise both.

Thank you for your response.

A quick google search yielded the following:

Where I am from in Utah, we have a very heavy tech area here called Silicon Slopes. Any developer working here has been using ES6 for at least a year. Most jobs require that you use it in their production code here, and not knowing it would be a huge downside to your skillset.

In my opinion, keeping up with updates in the field like this is essential, especially for individuals who are self-taught. Staying ‘cutting-edge’ will only help you in securing a job or being a great developer. So, without question, take a handfull of hours and get a good command of it - it will pay off for you in the long-run!