Should I learn Python first?

I am first time coder and want to learn which language i should learn first. Im learning python but i dont want to go to deep with it if it not the right way.

It depends on what do you want to do with programming

do you want to make websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, mobile/computer games, artificial inteligence, program robots/machinery?

If you don’t know yet then just stick with Python and see what that leads to.

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I want to do it all.

The language you choose to learn first won’t matter in the long run. The basic logic of programming is same regardless of the language you write your code in. The advantages of a language like python lies in its massive number external libraries for practically every field which requires programming, which makes it the language of choice of many programmers. And python is a very beginner friendly with it’s simple syntax, automatic variable declaration, etc. If you have already started learning python, I recommend that you stick to it. With time you may want to try out languages with slightly steeper learning curves like C, C++ or Java.

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