Should I listen to Kyle Simpson's opinions on writing JavaScript code?

I’ve been watching Kyle’s Deep JS Foundations (v3) on Frontend Masters. While he has explained some of JavaScript’s inner-workings, I feel as if the course is heavily opinionated. Most of his opinions are surrounding semantics – he claims writing JavaScript certain ways will help the reader of your code.

But what I find funny is that often times he has to explain to the reader/viewer exactly what the “easier to read code” is doing. It seems backwards to me.

One example – he says if there is a case where you have a long function (he did admit to avoid this), that if you declare a variable in that first line (using var – this is a whole separate opinion of his btw), that it would make the reader’s life easier for you to redeclare that variable again using var so that the reader does not have to scroll up to find out which scope it belongs to.

I’m not a senior JavaScript developer by any stretch, but if I read this in a function I was interpreting, it would have the opposite effect on me. In fact, I would scroll back up to see what was happening with that variable declared on the first line of the function.

While I appreciate some of his other explanations on the compilations and scoping, he often forces opinions on me that I am not sure are truly going to make the lives of those I work with any easier.

Can anybody who has read/listened to Kyle shed some light as to whether I should cons

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Yeah I have found this too watching his work but the guy is still a JS legend.

Maybe you start to form your own opinions and stop running around posting questions on forums about this and that. Kyle Simpson rightly said that in reddit. It would be better if you gather some strength to read the godly JS docs first and then ask questions lol.