Should I make my portfolio page web responsive from the start? having trouble

I am working on the "portfolio assignment. Here is mine
and I do not know how to make it responsive to other screen sizes. Will free code camp go over this more or am I supposed to know how to do that? If someone could help me get in the right direction for accomplishing that task, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

I spent quite a bit of time studying the Bootstrap documentation before I started my portfolio project. It made me crazy because I was anxious to get started but it was totally worth it. I kind of understood Bootstrap but the extra time made the project go so much smoother.

Yes, absolutely, make your site responsive from the beginning. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be to go back into the code after it’s built to add all the divisions, rows, and columns necessary to make your site responsive.

If you don’t understand how a grid system works, that is where I think you should begin. Here is the link to the Bootstrap Grid System: Open a new pen and “play” with it for a bit. And don’t waste your time loading Bootstrap 4. That version is still being built and at this point is intended for testing only.

I just finished my portfolio project last week and it was built with Bootstrap 3. Feel free to look at my code:

I am in agreement. Absolutely start with responsiveness. A great deal of web use today is with phones and tablets. Think mobile first!

Here are a couple of tutorials that may help with the bootstrap.

learn bootstrap in one hour

I believe there’s a whole section in the new FCC beta courses that deals with doing responsive design from scratch. Which to me is the way to go. I think learning the meat and potatoes of responsive design is super important to get the full benefit of using a framework like Bootstrap.

You can check out the beta stuff here, but just keep in mind I believe your course progress won’t be saved when it finally goes live, but it’s great practice nonetheless:

Another great site to check out if you’re looking to learn responsive is here: There’s also a bunch of other articles there on the same subject.