Should i skip data virtualization part of FCC?

I am currently at intermediate algoritms section of freecodecamp.
While searching for javascript internships,I have got a internship which require me to work with nodejs and mongodb at basic level.
So should i jump direcly on back end nodejs part of fcc or learn it somewhere else.
I will come to data virtualization later.

Yep, dataviz and back end can be done in any order, and honestly I’d recommend doing back end first especially if you have 0 experience with Git, Gulp etc.

Although I’d recommend learning Scss either way, because it’s just so much better than writing regular CSS. I started using it from the portfolio project, and never looked back.


Yes, definitely skip Data Viz.

Also, MongoDB’s official free course just started a session. It’s only been going for two days, so you can sign up now and not miss anything.

See this thread for details:

Just to add to @P1xt’s point about difficulty:

The course probably is a little difficult seeming, but speaking as someone who did most of the backend stuff as a beginner and only relying on FCC’s paltry links to Node and Mongo lessons, NOT doing the course will be much harder!

I’m doing the course as well, and already have a pretty decent idea of how mongo and node work, so if you get stuck, feel free to ping me :slight_smile: