Should I start over from scratch?

Hello Everyone!

So I started FCC last year because I was bored at the job that I had at the time, and I needed something to keep me stimulated.
This place taught me enough Javascript to get me a position working as a data configuration analyst where I program in XML, Javascript, and XSL at a SaaS company. I don’t do a lot of hardcore development other than trying to use a combination of Javascript and XML to get data to import into a database.
I would like to move into the development team, and I have found out that they’re doing to be looking at hiring a junior developer in January. I am hoping to crank out something between now and January so I can prove to them that I have the chops it takes to do the job.
Unfortunately, it has been a while since I have done FCC, and some of my skills have fallen to the wayside.
I have been contemplating whether or not I should just start over from scratch again so I can polish my skills back to where they were before I got my current job.
Has anyone done this where they just started over FCC because they have stepped away from it too long?
Could someone let me know what their thoughts are about this when they get the chance?



I wouldn’t start from scratch (if I was in your situation). I think it might be better to start a project where you left. I think that by simply starting again (and googling a lot…) you will be able to pick your skills up again. If you experience any problems, you can also do the exercises specific for your problem.