Should I stop learning React If I cannot solve 7 tests on Promodo? (Delete it please)


I could reach only 22/29 points in the Promodo test. Should I stop to learning React/Front-end technologies? I have spent 1 week to solve that missing 7 test fails, but I think I am right in some cases.

For example I cannot select for the session bigger than 60. I checked, I clicked on 70, 80 times on session increment button, but it stills only 60, but the tests said that it could modify to 60, what I do not understand how, because when I click on the button I reach only 60, and never 61, 62, … I have an ‘if’ to check this.

Another, when my countdown reaches the 00:00, I hear the audio file played :). But the test said, that no…, but I really hear.
Or maybe really I am the stupid, and it is an easy task and others can easily solve it…

Delete it please, I do not see where is the delete flag, and when I click on the trash icon the webpage says I do not have permission to delete.

Please, don’t give up.
If you love coding then I suggest you strive to be better and don’t be too hard on yourself.
If you think you are stupid(which you are not) then you don’t wanna know me. Haha
Just approach the problem with love and patience.

@dabagab you can do it, you can do it. Belive in yourself.