Should I supplement my knowledge with other resources while learning from FCC?

I’ve finished with the responsive web design section of the curriculum and now i’m starting on the projects. Something I noticed however, is there are a few things required in the user stories that I don’t remember learning in the curriculum. For example, I need to make a dropdown menu on Building a Survey Form which is something I don’t remember learning? I like the structure and content that FCC has to offer, but would it be recommended that I use other resources and books aside from FCC to get a better understanding of things?

It certainly would not hurt. Perhaps you will learn a different approach that will work better for you.

You’re definitely going to need to use additional resources. FCC guides your education, but is by no means intended to be the only tool you’re using.

Not just dropdown. You need “select option”. Google “form inputs bootstrap” and you’l find nicely styled selects.

Definitely do outside research. FCC is not meant to be comprehensive - it is an outline.