Should I take JS course before mastering web design

I just finished the web design course . but I still a bit confused about mediaquery and layout .
should I start JS or give myself some more time to master these ??
here is my portfolio with all my projects:

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that link is not of all your projects, that will bring to my own account

you need to give the links to each, or to your profile on codepen

Hi @redataousse!

I would continue on to javascript.

I wouldn’t wait till I master everything in html and css. Each of these sections is meant to be introduction into these languages.

With practice and time you will start to become more comfortable with these concepts.

You could also check out these resources for media queries.

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done, can u give them a look ?

thank you very much for the resources

Don’t look to master, look to get familiar, and continue learning as you need to or want to.

Don’t focus on trying to master any single one thing, look more to be a jack of all trades when starting out. The reason for this is because you want to be able to gain context to as much as possible before even considering what to focus on. As such, continue with the curriculum, learn more JavaScript, learn more stuff you already went over.

Simply put, so much changes so often and so fast that you will always be looking to learning more as things change over time. This doesn’t mean there is some radical change every day, but it does mean there might be something new you can learn you haven’t looked deeply into before. Once you get to a point where you know what these “new” things really entail, then you can maybe try to master something.

Until then, stay curious, keep learning, keep growing and keep going toward a “jack of all trades”.

Good luck, keep it up :+1:

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I would recommend you watch Kevin Powell to clear your concept with media queries, I was stuck there too.

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