Should i take these classes

hello currently i am debating wheter or not to take some elective classes at my community college the classes are 2 iphone development classes the ordeal is that i can learn that by myself and i also pay for them it will be about 1000 for both classes what would you guys do learn it by yourself or take a class?

I would learn it by myself. I would use Udacity and sign up up for their NanoDegree program ($200/month). If you don’t want to pay they also have free courses.

I would say it depends on your overall goals. If you do intend to become an iOS developer, I’d recommend taking the elective classes and then after completing elective classes, sign up for Udacity’s nanodegree program.

If it’s something it’s just something you are curious about and want to explore a tad bit before committing, I’d recommend self-study using free resources.