Should I take Web Development class in high school?

I have completed the first four courses in Freecodecamp and I am practicing my web development skills by building a lot of websites. Next year, I will be able to take web development classes in high school, and I want to ask: should I take them?

I kind of don’t want to sit through another tutorial on web development that I already know, but if it’s necessary, I will take it. I want to ask, do jobs look at what classes you took in high school? I know they look at colleges but don’t know if they look at high school classes. Any advice will be appreciated.

Hello there,

I would like to start with a reminder that any advice given here about choices like this should not be taken to heart, but as other campers’ experiences.

So, my experience is, even if employers do not care to glance at highschool subjects, colleges and universities do. So, depending on where you go with your CV, it might be weighted in your favour.

However, if there is another subject you would like to take which you do not have experience with, and taking this web dev class in highschool would prevent you from taking it, then you would need to decide between taking a potentially boring web dev class for an easy A, or taking another subject you could gain knowledge out of, but not necessarily breeze through.

There is no saying you will breeze through a web dev class, though.

At the end of the day, with what choice I had, I took all the classes that interested me.

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Also, you can always challenge yourself and go above and beyond what the class requires. I’m guessing your teacher could give you more and harder work to do if you asked.

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It might be a good idea to try to contact the teacher. Explain what you are already capable of, and ask if the course in web development would go over the same things, or would you learn something new.

FWIW, my daughter took a web design class in high school. They used Dreamweaver, which I don’t think is used a lot these days in the real world, and learned basic html and CSS. Of course, your school might offer something completely different.

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