Should I toss in the towel on programming?


Im not very active on this forum but I do enjoy browsing it from to time!

So to the topic: I made this topic about 2years ago :How to move forward after getting laid off
Long story short I got laid off as a frontend dev after 5months because of lack of experience.

Now after that job I was unemployed for a year and a half(worked on my own projects in the meanwhile). I was looking for new devs job and after a long time I manged to get a job as an IT consultant. I was superhappy to get hired again and was eager to work again :slight_smile:

Now after I got my first assingment about 2months ago(for a bigger IT firm) I was told today by me boss at my consultancy firm that I was gonna get let go in 1month from my current position and get put on the bench again…

It was a position that required me to work with ts, and since Im still a junior js dev, they said it should not be problem for me to pick up how they work since I passed the interview/code test they gave me.

Now after 2months they said that they were looking for someone who has more experience then me and that they are going to replace me. I know ts is new to me and I have mostly done CSS related stuff they still are going to let me go in a month, I dont get why they want around for 1 more month if I have only been there for 2months seems odd to me…

Now I dont know what to do, I feel like such a failure and I dont know if I should stop programming even though I really like programming.


Hi @dizzy1 !

Thank you for sharing your story.
I think a lot of people have probably been through something similar.
Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story.

I don’t think you should stop programming.
I think you just need a new game plan. :grinning:

I am still very much a junior.
So I am sure the more experienced devs can give you more detailed advice.

But I would try asking your boss for more detailed feedback on what you can work on.
Try to identify weak areas in your programming.
Maybe there are issues in communication that you can work on.

I think if you have more specifics on areas you can improve on then you can start to come up with a game plan to get better.

Hope that helps and hang in there


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