Should I use a CSS framework for my projects?

I have received a few replies to my front end portfolio pieces that suggest that I use Boostrap or Materalize. In some ways this makes sense as I know myself I will never be a great designer.

My worry is that I will learn less if I use these frameworks as a crutch. If i was to use these projects in my portfolio piece I would definitely redo some of them using a framework. Or am I unnecessarily making things more difficult for myself?

Any thoughts?

Frameworks are there to make things easier as a developer. Why invent the wheel again when the wheel exists?
It’s not bad to have a good understanding of CSS, but if you’re not planning to be a web designer, but more a web developer I would put more focus on JS and some backend like C# or Node.JS rather than how to style elements.

I for one find it pretty dull to design and do the HTML/CSS part. I just want to add functionality and events, fetching from API’s etc. Perfect to use Bootstrap for those personal projects :slight_smile: But that doesn’t take away from the part that you should know what padding, margin, position, media querys etc is and how they work.

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In the long run, it is better to learn native CSS / Sass. Don’t neglect this skill. It’s an essential part of front end development. CSS frameworks are useful, but they can also get in the way and make it more difficult to implement your own styles.

And remember: your CSS ability is the first thing any employer will see when they open your portfolio.

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For learning, I would do both.

For your projects, I guess it’s a judgment call. I would say having one or two projects where you did all the CSS yourself isn’t a bad idea.

Thanks for the replies. I’m going to complete the last 2 projects using purse CSS and then redo 1 of the projects in bootstrap to get some experience in it.

Use tailwindcss instead Bootstrap
It’s amazing
Most of the time all bootstrap website looks same
Use utility framework Tailwindcss to create website unique