Should I use Bootstrap or pure CSS?

I started learning Bootstrap like a week ago, but something just doesn’t feel right… I know, it’s faster to make pages with BS, but I don’t like having the same design like x pages with BS out there. So, should I use BS? Or just be really good with pure CSS? Or should I maybe learn Sass? Any answers are appreciated. :+1:

@Vojtaa If you have not mastered CSS you should definitely learn only CSS until you get very comfortable with it. It is easy to learn but takes some practice to get it perfect. Many Bootstrap websites have the same look. With custom CSS you can do whatever you want and be as creative as you want. After playing with CSS for a while you will get your own ideas on how to style your web page. I find it fun to figure out how to engineer things on my own with CSS. A long while ago, I took a class that taught a bit of Bootstrap but I was disappointed because I had joined the class to learn CSS. At this point, if I wanted to do something with Bootstrap now it would be easy because I already know CSS well.

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Thank you so much! I know some basic stuff that i learned ~4 years ago, so I will learn it.