Should i use developer tools in browser

Should i use the developer tools in browser in the reference websites in exercises to see what kind of code i am supposed to write. I don’t think that i should because i can litreally see every line i am supposed to write and it gets so easy. what do you guys think?

HI @lakshy !

I don’t think you should rely on the dev tools to look at the code.
The main reason why I say that is because it will become to tempting to just copy it.

The goal of the projects is to learn how to research, ask questions, try different things, debug errors and complete a project.
By going through that you are practicing the core skills required of being a developer.

I know it is hard to build your first few projects because everything is so new.
But if you go through the steps I outlined earlier, you will be in a much stronger place as a developer in the future.

Hope that helps!

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that’s true but when i am doing an exercise should i be looking at reference website itself and figure out what tags/elements/selectors to use for that or should i be looking at user stories or should i look at “Tests”

All of those things. You shouldn’t be copying the example markup/code: there’s no point, you won’t really learn anything unless you implement it yourself. But the browser tools are absolutely invaluable, so you should definitely be making use of them to figure out how things work. They allow you to very easily inspect and adjust things on a web page, and that’s critically useful in this context.

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