Should I use GitHub?

When working on the landing page, I had problems with storing pictures. I use Google Photos and a program to reduce links, but in this situation, pictures are not always uploaded to Codepen. Also I can not store svg pictures.

Can I use github for this? Is it possible to show a page using GitHub for example on a forum?

Let me flip your question on its head. Can you come up with a single likely reason NOT to use gitHub? Many employers now list that as a skill for a potential employee.

Thank you for asking @snowmonkey :grinning:
As I understood all the functions I asked about is in GitHub. Accordingly, the answer to your question is no.

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Exactly. Yes, you can post code to github, you can post gists, you can even host from github. I host elsewhere, but I use git as my mechanism to push updates to github as well.

Personally, I can think of no reason why we shouldn’t be getting comfortable with github. Most companies are looking for some sort of version control, and git is a big part of that world.

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