Should I withdraw from Google's process


I reached the team matching process in Google (after a really hard work),
Now I see that all the teams they suggest are backend teams.

The problem is that I want Full-Stack Frontend oriented, I told my recruiter, and she told me that all Full-Stack positions need 10+ years of experience (which I don’t have).

On the other hand, I got an offer from another company, which is not FAANNG, but its a great company and the position is exactly what I wanted (Full-Stack fronted oriented, React + Java Spring microservices).

My intuition tells me to withdraw my application from Google,
And sign that offer.

The other option is to proceed with Google, choose a backend team, and then maybe after a year or more, to move to another team within Google.

What do you think is the best option?

What about everything else?

Which is more compatible with everything else important in your life ? Which would give you more growth chance?


I try to avoid giving specific advice or instruction when it comes to the careers of strangers on the internet. At the end of the day, you need to think about what is right for you. These are just my own biased opinions based on my personal experiences.

Google (or Facebook, or Amazon, or any of the others) aren’t magical programming utopias. They have merits and drawbacks, just like any other company. I honestly feel like the best thing about working for Google is getting to tell people that you work for Google and seeing them be very impressed.

Try to focus on the specific job you would be doing and who you would be doing it with. Is the work interesting? Do your teammates seem kind and supportive? What is the workload? What is the pay? Is the location good? Do you like the engineering culture?

Think about what every day is going to be like for the next couple of years. Which one are you more excited about? Go for it. If it doesn’t work out, you put yourself back on the job market and you see what your new options are.


There are lots of pros and cons to Google (or other “FAANG” companies).

But rather than go into those, I’ll just say that you should do what sounds interesting to you and will have the environment that you think will suit you better.

Also, don’t make any premature moves either (i.e. withdrawing your application). Having multiple offers is usually a good thing, even for the ones you don’t take. Not saying that you should do it (as it could easily backfire), but you could hypothetically use a Google offer as a negotiation tactic with the other company to get a higher salary.

I happened to come across this YouTube video recently which might be of interest as well: Why Do Software Engineers Leave FAANG? - YouTube

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