Should I write blog posts about my coding even though I am not a "Pro" yet

Hi everyone!

I recently build a Node JS web scraper with cron job and everything to pull in data from a website and also visualise it with a D3 graph. I am kind of proud of it because I was able to combine a lot of my learning and also it is something my team at work find useful.

I am thinking to write a blog post about, that would be my first writing about anything I made. I am wondering and don’t know if anyone has an opinion about it: I am still learning (here on FCC) and not a “Pro” level developer yet, so would it be good to write about it and put it out there on the internet? I mean, I know the code works but I also feel I need to re-factor it here and there. I am sure a very experienced developer could have written the code much more compact. I also haven’t tested it for performance etc. And if I write about it should I mention I am still learning? I am also not a native English speaker/writer. I don’t care if people bash me :), because I can take the feedback and improve myself, but not sure whether I should do it publicly and show my skill level at this moment when I look for freelance jobs

Anyone has an opinion about this and can maybe share his/her experience??

Hey Chemok,

I think you absolutely write and publish your work, regardless of skill level. As someone learning you have a perspective that is shared with other beginners, you know which concepts were difficult to find or grasp, so you can highlight or emphasize them. This is something that may not be as obvious to a “Pro”.

I think you have so much to gain from writing and publishing it, especially when compared to not. If indeed the code needs to be critiqued or refactored, it’s an excellent place for other developers to find it and discuss such things with you.

Best of luck pal!

Ok cool, yes maybe I should write from the perspective of a “beginner”. Maybe a Pro will skip a lot of steps in the writing because they are too obvious. I guess you can write for different audiences yeah. Thanks for the advice man!

Hey @chemok78 , I think it’s a great idea to write even as a beginner because

  1. There are stuff you know that many other beginners don’t know.
  2. Writing is a good way to document your coding journey.
  3. It will look pretty good on your Resume in the long run.

Happy Writing!

I’m way below your skill level and I do write on my blog. I’m also not a native English speaker, so writing is a good practice. In a sense, I’m writing posts on my blog to reinforce my learning, not to cater to an audience.

It’s a great learning tool, and you have nothing to lose by doing it. Good luck!

thanks, you guys inspired me to get started with it!

Personally, the coding stuff I share on my blog generally includes programming projects that I’ve done, like an icon generator for the TI-84 Plus CSE/CE (for example). You can share whatever you like, but that’s what I generally do.