Should Moderators Be Able to Modify Topics Title and Tags?

I see moderators can help categorize topics. But I notice lots of topics which could be named and tagged better.

It would improve the search functionality and could encourage users to follow similar practices when the forum moderators are trying to fulfill it.

There are lots of nice resources to follow if It will require moderators to mind some sort of a standard when modifying topics:


Here is @QuincyLarson’s view on it from a previous topic:

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Oh I get it now, it makes sense to what FCC objectively is.

Although I still think it is a good idea for moderators to be able to modify topics meta information. It would improve answering and looking the question up.

Some questions getting asked today, in a sense, will no longer be accessible to people who encounter it in the next week or so. This might be because a topic’s meta information did not align with the actual question. So it won’t show up when a camper search for it with the right keywords.

Moderators can change meta information, but will only do so if it is really necessary.