Should projects be serious or can they be silly?

Hello! I’ve been enjoying Responsive Web Design. So far, I’ve made my projects fairly silly, since it’s made the whole process more fun (e.g. a Survey Form for a pretend business run by cats! lol).

Don’t get me wrong - I completed them, and included all the necessary elements, I just made the topic silly.

Should I keep them serious/neutral instead? Will people eventually see these? I don’t wanna seem unprofessional or anything. :slight_smile:

Would it be better to keep them serious so they could be part of a portfolio? Idk, any help would be appreciated!

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HI @kelseyhughes57 !

Welcome to the forum!

You can make these projects as fun as you want.
The main goal with these early projects is that you are learning and challenging yourself to try new things.

All of these projects would be considered to small for a job portfolio.

Once you are a few months down the line and have started learning javascript, a javascript library like react and maybe a little bit of backend like node & express, then you will be able to build out some projects you can showcase on job portfolios.

Hope that helps!


That’s exactly the info I needed! Thank you!

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Well said, totally agree with you…!!

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