Should studying take a certain order?

Lately I have been so confused on what to study next. Is their any specific order that one should follow in learning these programming languages?

@stephenmutheu I cleared my mind about it by watching a lot of youtube videos starting to search what is the difference between web developer and web designer and start my pick from there

definitely, the basics for everyone in web development or coding is the same so: HTML, CSS and JavaScript after that everyone’s path might differ

For example I got the freeCodeCamp certification (where I learnt HTML and CSS) then I am now at 85% of JavaScript Certification by freeCodeCamp and studying a Udemy course on how to create WordPress themes and plugins from scratch (which uses also PHP, Javascript, MySQL and a bit of React too)

I bought a O’Reilly book to help me understand the hardest bits of JavaScript that is incredibly clear and insightful that I recommend you

“JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: Master the World’s Most-Used Programming Language 7th Edition” that is the most up to date book about JS I could find

My current goal in web development is to get hired as WordPress Developer soon as I feel ready (never doubt yourself or feel you are not ready enough or you will never put yourself into the web dev market and keep going, consistency is key in web development)

I chose this as I started coding professionally 3 years ago with WordPress and this is the thing I have the most experience of currently

Choosing the right web dev career path for you that will make you love it also depends on what do you think would you be most interested about?

  • for example would you like to be able to code games

  • create beautiful websites so taking care of the front-end

  • or would you be more interested in a back-end career where you will not see, most of the time, the result of your code translated into beautiful websites but your code will fix things in the back-end

  • or would you be interested in being a data analytist ?

You have to consider also what you studied so far and when would you want to start looking for a job relating to this industry?

I recommend you to check out the results of the stack overflow survey they do every year that always gave me some guidance on what is trendy in the tech industry lately and what is not (including programming languages)
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022 this is the 2022 survey and the 2023 survey will be published this month

My advice is pick one programming language in which you would like to specialize to achieve what you would like (python, java, ruby etc.) they are used for different things and try to base your pick on what is trendy this year as things switch fairly quickly in web development

picking a main programming language that is wanted and trendy will allow you to have more job postings available with a high pay although all web dev jobs are highly paid and in 3/5 years into the industry you can increase your pay a lot