Should the Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Game be written in React?

Hey guys!

I’ve just noticed that, now there is no Rule that says that this project should be created using React.

Can I use like Phaser or other cool game development framework to deal with this project ?

There’s nothing stopping you from building a rouge-like with Phaser or Unity or GameMaker if you want, but I’m pretty sure you won’t meet the qualifications for non-profit work if you aren’t using a JavaScript based UI framework like React or Angular. The point of the exercise isn’t to make a game, it’s to learn about, and demonstrate mastery of, a JavaScript UI library.

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I guess your’re right. I’m thinking about going for a reasonable compromise, and making a game logic and rendering in Phaser on Canvas, but coding all the UI elements with React.

And with this plugin I can say that the whole app will be written in React :slight_smile:

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