Should we enable editing of posts by other users?

Hi all!

Can we have an option to edit other user’s posts?


  • To format posts for proper readability (like code blocks, spoilers etc.)
  • To correct grammar, spellings etc. as it is not important that everyone is proficient in English
  • For any other unintentional error that the user may have made
  • Poorly formatted posts also have a degrading user experience

Who can propose an edit
I’d say anyone who is at a trust level “Member” or higher.

I am not saying that any other user edits a post, and it is accepted, but another user can at least propose an edit. This edit will appear in (maybe) an “Recent Edits” tab, from where it can be accepted.

How is an edit accepted?
Maybe we can have a scoring system - that an edit needs a score of at least (say) 25.

Scoring System (based on Trust Levels)
Each vote(upvote and downvote) from the users can count as follows

  • The Original Poster(OP) : +infinity| -infinity
  • Member : +5 | -1
  • Regular : +10 | -2
  • Leader : +20 | -8
  • Moderators : +infinity | -infinity

This criteria can also be changed for say different categories, or based on the date the post was made.

The OP can revert back the edits if they feel so, and their decision would be final.

After all, I think this will be a good addition to this Forum, but changes should be incorporated in the above mechanism as required!

P.S. Please ignore if such a thing already exists as I wasn’t able to find it.


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For me this sounds very strange. The only one who can accept an “edit” is the user himself. You cannot change the content of a post by voting. The post represents the statement of the user even if it has some mistakes, it’s connected with his username. I don’t like that idea.

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It doesn’t intend to go against the what the user meant, but just to improve unintentional errors like in grammar or spelling etc.

Isn’t that’s why there are administrators/moderators?

Be an active member of the community, get an upgrade and you’ll be able to do all the edits you want.

Downvote from me :-1:

@anon24349556 While we understand your concerns, many of our users do not use English as their primary language, so it is natural to see typos and grammar issues. You can always ask for clarification if you do not understand an OP’s comments or questions.

This is why we have moderators (as pointed out by @jenovs)

Not sure what you mean by unintentional errors. As far as formatting goes, I am not sure what you mean other than using code blocks. Maybe reply back with some examples of what you mean?

If this is the case, then the whole feature seems kind of pointless to me.

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@RandellDawson How does one become a moderator? What is it judged on?

I don’t think its good idea to edit a post of other user becuse it represents the user itself instead we can give an option to highlight mistakes(grammar,error …etc ).

and if the original user wants to edit it based on that highlight than he will

I think the focus needs to be shifted honestly. You shouldn’t be focused on perfecting a user’s post or comment. Perfectly formatted posts and comments don’t make a community great. What makes a community great is the amount of engagement by its users. The amount of help and support you receive by including yourself in the active discussions.

People make spelling mistakes, like @RandellDawson stated; there are many many people I’ve seen who aren’t native English speakers, that isn’t really a huge problem as long as their point is explained successfully.

Moderators are here to weed though the content and I haven’t seen any problem so far.

A rather big :no_entry_sign: for me on this issue.

Definitely not if it’s as low a requirement as member lmao

Edits to users’ posts should only happen for a handful of reasons in my opinion

A formatting error when attempting to use spoilers or backticks when it’s 100% clear what they intended

This is already what moderators do. I can see an argument for some lower position of forum janitor or something but those people would be hand-picked by the actual mods.

But that to me is the start of a very slippery slope, where people try and do things just for brownie points with the moderators

I think this is way more effort than it’s actually worth

@anon24349556, there is an option to make one’s post a wiki so that others can edit. This gives the owner of the post some control over the editing process.

After all the answers, I think this wasn’t a good idea. Thanks a lot everyone for taking out time to post here and letting me know the cons for this.

Happy Coding!

So I guess you just ask :thinking:

Congrats @shimphillip :tada:

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Thanks! I did end up asking :slight_smile:

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