Should you think simple or complex?

So in Geek-World people often listene the phrase “Think Simple!”. The phrase is complete within itself but at times can be very painful to absorb. “Think Simple” have nothing to do with “Think Complex” or “Think outside the box”.

Many a times people throw this phrase on each other as a PUN rather than actually conveying important signal or helping.

People who think simple are smarter than people who do not think simple. This type of sentence is highest form of misconception.

There is nothing like think simple, you should “Just Think”. If Benjamin Franklin would not have been thinking about electricity in its complex form, how would he have able to discover electricity?

What do u guys think?


I think the definition of complex had been misunderstood. When speaking of complexity, people tend to think large concept with big words rather than its simplest building block.

For example: people think programming is complex because they are trying to wrap their head around the whole subject. At the same time when we examine the structure of the code closely, it is all variables, loops, decisions and calculation.

What is truly complex is how different people can come to the same conclusion with different perspective of the problem. The question is what did they have to do to get there?

A lot of ideas or wisdoms that I thought to be correct years ago are only correct at that present moment, until circumstances prove otherwise. Just as how this reply would not be agreed by other until circumstances changes their ideas.

So is it better to think complex or simple?
I think we have to do both, since complexity comes from complicity. It is when we understand the complex where we find things simple.


I see it not so much as simple vs complex, but simple vs complicated…

In other words, dont over complicate things… So indeed, has nothing to do with thinking complex or thinking out side the box…Its about keeping your thoughts on a direct and efficient path.

Thats my take on it anyway.

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I think thinking outside the box is always good…
Regarding simple vs. complex, I don’t think it’s measureable because what is simple to me may be too complex for you or the other way around…

“Most of the simplest ideas and plans come from complex thoughts…” - I readed this in some place a while ago and this makes total sense to me… Most of my brilliant ways to solve problems come from complex thoughts… It’s like when I am trying to solve a problem while coding, most of the time i come up with a very complex way of do it, but then when it’s working, i go throught my code and get a much more easy way to do the same… My method is this. First get it to work, then make it easier… :wink:

“think simple” is just trying to convey the idea that you should do things as simple as possible.
You can consume an API through 5 iterations and prepare your data in 5 different places, but why not consume it once and prepare it in one place? That’s simple, isn’t it? It might be more complex to do, but it’s a simple solution.

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