Shouldyou do Freecodecamp alone?

So I started FCC a week ago. I am unsure if I should use this by itself. Like are their books or other stuff (videos, websites, etc) that you recommend using with FCC to successful advance.

You will definitely need to use other resources as you are learning. I think that trying to follow two complete curricula at the same time would be confusing, but you’ll need to look stuff up outside of freeCodeCamp all the time.


udemy and w3 schools are more accesible than fcc. You will feel a greater sense of accomplishment and have more confidence in your own skills from completing fcc though, for the fact that it’s challenging.

Use all good resources you can find in combination, it’s not a linear journey.

Hello saaawesome13, and welcome to FCC! :grinning:

This article may be of some help on the FCC “Read-Search-Ask” approach to learning:

As an aside, this is exactly the same studying method they promoted when I was going to tech for networking: it works well for all things related to technology.

Best of luck!