Show and hide description with only one function

Hello, everyone i try to hide and show description, so i created a function to do it. and it works perfectly but if i attend to hide and show another description, i must do another function, how can i create ONLY one function to do the something without doing two functions that does the same. I have link so you guys can have a better understanding what im doing. This only works for multiple functions. but i tryed to do one main function to do the same but Im having trouble, the function is commented.


You’re problem is that you’re using the same id twice in the same html page. You can add an onClick to the html or use a different identifier such as class or name (or use a different tag such as button) and then use querySelectorAll or getElementsByClassName and loop through them to add the event listeners. Something like :

const buttons = document.getElementsByClassName('actionButton');

function doTheThing(e) {
  ...//do the thing

but something like this might work for you:

<button onClick="doTheThing(this)">hit me</button>
function doTheThing(e) {


Your code does work when there is only one element with the id of showbtn.

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Hello @JanShah thank you for your reply, i did actually trying to work on your code, but for some reason i did not get it working, so i try do figured out by my own and i actually came up with a great solutions so here is the code and the link for the working demo. Althought thanks for your help it did help a lot and also to clear some doughts that i have

// hide and show job sections
var showbtn = document.getElementsByClassName('showbtn');
for( var i = 0; i < showbtn.length; i++ ){
  showbtn[i].addEventListener('click', function(){
    var panel = this.nextElementSibling;

    if( === 'block' ){ = 'none';
    }else{ = 'block';


with this code it work i used the nextElementSibling so it worked ok!.