Show specific mp3 after selecting via dropdown menu

Hi to all.

I have a question. I think for a diehard HTML coder this must be a piece of cake but for me, it’s a problem because I don’t understand how to link 2 pieces of HTML to each other.

What I want is a dropdown menu where I can select : Alt, Bas, Sopraan, Tenor, Total
And after selecting, I want to display a simple HTML audio player that plays the chosen type of mp3 listed in the dropdownmenu. The Mp3’s are hosted on my webaccount.
I couldn’t insert the links to the mp3s because I was only allowed to post one link as a newcomer.

<label for="membership">Choose a membership plan:</label>
<select name="membership" id="membership">
  <option value="alt">Alt</option>
  <option value="bas">Bas</option>
  <option value="sopraan" selected>Sopraan</option>
  <option value="tenor">Tenor</option>
  <option value="total">Total</option>

I want the result to be something like this.

Hopefully someone can help me out.

Thank you very much for the effort.

Sounds like a coding assignment, but there you go:

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Wow!! Thank you very much Jenovs.
That’s exactly what I need!

I really appreciate the effort and time you took to make this.

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