"show the local weather" C - F switch issue

I can’t get my switch to work. I might be approaching it a completely wrong or stupid way. So all suggestions are appreciated.

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I think its because your switch.click and modifyweather functions are defined in ajax call, would be better to make them global as well as finalTemp, tempC and tempF.

It seems that both of your if conditions are being evaluated true or the function on clicking the button is being called twice.
I have tried logging in the console and am still trying to figure out the solution.

@kasiraket you wont believe how silly was it!:joy:
Instead of the .switch in the selector use .slider as the selector and initialise the varClick as -1 and voila it will work.
The reason is because .switch is a label and therefore it every time you click on the slider the function was being executed twice.

Thank you, I honestly don’t think I would’ve tried that!

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