Showcasing Portfolio to Employers

Anybody have success getting a job by showcasing their portfolio to employers on LinkedIn?

I have a link to my portfolio here:

Not sure if it’s employer-ready, just wondering if employers separate design skills from actual coding skills?


i have been trying this for a long time and it didn’t work for me …
i’m not sure why but you can check my portfolio here …

Speaking as a hiring manager. Yes I do look for your portfolio, GitHub, or at least links to things you have done. Separating design from code is a real thing. If I am hiring a back end developer I really don’t care about their design skills, I want to see the code. But, if I am hiring a front end developer, I want to see both.

One suggestion I have for you is to create a portfolio with your name as the domain name. In my experience have a CodePen be your portfolio will turn away some recruiters and hiring managers (i.e. my gate keepers). Just my two cents, good luck!