Showing error in -Add Key-Value Pairs to JavaScript Objects

My pgm -

let foods = {
apples: 25,
oranges: 32,
plums: 28,
/* bananas:13,
strawberries:27 */

// change code below this line
foods.strawberries=27; */
foods[‘bananas’] = 13;
foods[‘grapes’] = 35;
foods[‘strawberries’] = 27;
let fr=foods.strawberries;
// change code above this line

but error its showing –
The key-value pairs should be set using dot or bracket notation.

I have tried both with dot and bracket , but still showing same error

Try respecting this, instead of changing anything above it - you may need to reset your code if you don’t remember what you changed

yes…, understood , even though i commented it.
got it now
thanks @ilenia

When there is a line like that the tests are checking what is written in the editor - in this case because there is no other way of knowing how a certain property is added to the object

yes…got it
thanks for the reply