Showing topics as resolved

Is there a way to show that topics posted have been resolved? That a specific camper’s suggestion helped to reach that resolution? I was just wondering.

in threads that you submit, replies should have a check icon in the same area as the like (heart) icon that, when clicked, will mark that reply as the solution to your question/issue. When that’s done the thread title automatically updates to reflect that it’s been solved.

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But it seems to work in the “general” category only.


That’s weird. I don’t see a check in that row. Just “like”, “share”, “flag”, and “bookmark”.

Yeah, I was writing my post in the project feedback category and got some good advice. I still have to update the project, but I didn’t want others to think the issue was unresolved as I continue working on it.

Ah – wasn’t aware of that. Have only started two threads here, both in General and only one of which actually posited a question. Thanks for the info.

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