Shredder - my version of SIMON

I’d appreciate any feedback. Especially bugs\problems\criticisms. I will continue to work on this until I get it perfect, but at some point, you have to be “done” (at least a first release version).


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I like the look and sound of the game. It has great visual design. The only three things I don’t like are purely functional.

  1. I would like to be able to click out the pattern at my own speed. Currently, I have to wait until the music for that button has finished before I can click.

  2. Should there not be a limit to how many times you can get something wrong, before the game ends. Maybe it is a higher number than 8, but I stopped trying after that.

  3. If #2 above is not part of the game, can there at least be a button to end the game prematurely?

Again, I really think you have put a tremendous amount of thought in the design and layout (very responsive), so my suggestions would merely be icing on the cake.

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Awesome design, wow! Agree with point #1 above, however I’m guessing the design decision is to mimic the riff?

Thanks for the feedback!

Those are things I plan on changing, but I wanted to get it to “work” first.
To address the points specifically:

  1. Yes…absolutely.

  2. Strict mode allows for that. I was following the user story spec for the assignment. I can certainly add more modes - Strict (1 mistake), Normal (3 mistakes), Classic (unlimited)

  3. I can add a quit button. Maybe make the start button toggle into a quit button.

  4. At some point I want to add in more sounds, basically different “song packs” so you don’t here the same stuff over and over again. Or maybe just add more variety for the game to choose from - it picks 4 random riffs to set the colors to instead of just the 4 I have. I definitely need to work on redoing the audio files. I created those in a rush. I want to plan out the riffs and mix the audio a bit better.

Thanks again for the kind words and more importantly on the critical feedback.

I just spent the last 30 minutes finishing all 20 rounds(you know those moment when you want to go to sleep but gets absorbed by anything on the internet :sweat_smile:)

I really liked how all the sounds kind of fit together, I just wanted to hear the next series of sounds! I was kind of disappointed at the end though, after 20 round I was expecting a grand finale but just lost my great solo that I was working on instead :disappointed_relieved:

So well done! I had a lot of fun tonigh haha :grin:

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Good job, that’s a really great project you’ve completed!

Ok - I made some changes based on all the great feedback.

You can click the next button in the sequence immediately, except for the last color\sound in a sequence. That will play to completion.

When you win the game, I added something extra to note the victory.